Thursday, April 19, 2007


My name is Clara and I am a level 39 Human Paladin.

This year I became a World of Warcraft addict. It���s Jeremy���s fault, something I am quick to point out when its 11:30 and he wants to know when I���m coming to bed.

���As soon as I finish this quest������

Anyway it has been brought to my attention that it���s cute, and dare I say ��� romantic, that Jeremy and I play the game together. My favorite parts are when we are actually playing together in the game; doing a quest or whatnot���well they were until I went on my first battleground. Awesome. I shied away from the whole Player vs. Player aspect of WoW but this quickly sucked me in. This morning I was checking out other players online to scope thier armor. Apparently this makes me a nerd - however I am not the one who mapped out battle plans with coins on his break, you know who you are. Jeremy). I���m holding off on leveling up so I can keep playing in the same group as Jeremy (I���m about to surpass him). Sigh.

Here we are in game, with Jeremy���s bear. Cute? Sad? Probably both but we love it so.

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