Monday, May 28, 2007

i can cook

I may not be a gourmet cook or one who can make a meal fit for a king but I am a good cook. A simple if somewhat careless cook.

For our anniversary a few years back I made Jeremy din, including these crab & cream cheese wontons that were just delish. My specialty in University was hangover foods. An egg on English muffin breakfast sandwich, finely grated asiago cheese���.so yummy. Or a baked potato with melted cheddar, sour cream and green onions ��� a popular dish. Many mornings after a night out I would make one of these for all the people who passed out in our house. Sometimes I didn���t even know them (some treat someone had picked up from the bar no doubt). But they got breakfast. For Mother���s Day din at the pseudo in-laws I made delicious honey dijon deviled eggs and I ruined NOT A SINGLE EGG in the process. They were perfection - things of beauty, though I used a bag to fill them and subsequently they slightly resembled poops. As you can see.

But I digress.

For some reason Jeremy has gotten it into his head that I am a terrible cook who could burn water. Maybe it���s because when we started dating this time around I only ate takeout or was drunk most evenings and probably ruined a few meals. Who knows. So far I am barred from cooking dinner for us, which is okay as Jeremy is a good cook. However I am sick of doing the dishes. And I do miss cooking. I���ll just have to strong-arm my way back into the kitchen. Well more likely sneak. I���ll start with baking because I think Jeremy will find that less threatening. I���ll slowly embed myself as a regular part of the kitchen until he���s used to my presence, like they do with gorillas and such in their natural habitat. Then one day ��� BAM, I���ll be using the George Foreman grill. Mark my words. I will grill.

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