Wednesday, June 6, 2007

summer cut

It���s been awhile but last night I behaved much like Clara of the olden days and on a whim went to get my hair cut. Well ���whim-ish���. I���ve known I wanted to get it cut short and I had an appointment in a month but, being a truly impatient person, I called to see if there was anything earlier. Much to my delight they said ���come on in tonight���!

Once I decided to cut my hair I headed to Google to research curly hair styles, I wanted something different. I���d narrowed it down to a few I like but there was really no way to see how they would look on me���unless���

With a little cut and past (actual cut and paste, not right clicking) I created three divine versions of Clara to be. Surprisingly I really like the bald me template. Too bad I have a lumpy noggin or I would totally shave my head. I have a sneaking suspicion I would look like a Ferengi, sans the ears. And teeth. Well you know what I mean.

When I did go in I didn���t even end up showing Ely (my wicked awesome stylist from the
Curly Hair Institute) the pics I just said what I wanted and away she went. We had much fun in the process and ended up with the cutest cut EVER.

Here���s a little before and after to refresh you���..

*update ��� I forgot to mention that Jeremy had no idea I was chopping my hair off. I just mysteriously disappeared for a few hours and when I triumphantly arrived home he looked and me and said:

���What did you do?���

My jaw dropped and I raised my eyebrows threateningly.

���I mean ��� you look adorable?���

That���s more like it....

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