Tuesday, July 3, 2007

prime time

Man did I ever love the transformers movie. Mm mmm good. By the end I was sighing and wishing I had a bunch of transformers for friends. Then I could roll out with them and have adventures. I really don���t know else to say about it except I KNEW IT ��� they are real! As we were waiting in line (got there real early, geeks that we are. We met friends who are also geeks and wanted to be there early), we were discussing costume ideas we should have come dressed in. the crowd favorite was a cardboard box with ���Optimus Prime��� written on it in marker. At one point I nearly convinced Jeremy to beg a box from the nearby Starbucks (aren���t they all?) and surprise everyone. He did not, hilarious as it would have been. My control must be slipping.

On a sad note the family cat passed away ��� Lilu Multipass, last feline inhabitant of the farm. He apparently ate something that didn���t agree with him. Poor mite. Edgrr the dog is still acting like he is still around, as he lived to torment the cat. He may just need a new puppy to help him adjust. M
um, Dad - Something to think about.

Unfortunately the only picture I have on hand is this rather undignified one that we took after one of the many times KT shaved him artistically. He does not look like a happy kitty. Sorry peeps. You will be missed you persnickety beast you.

Update* My sister kindly sent me some luverly pics of peeps. She and her husband were the ones to get him originally, from the Humane Society in Guelph.

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