Wednesday, July 18, 2007

optimus fawn

We were down on the farm for some family fun this weekend. I was happy to finally see an end to Jeremy���s birthday with the gifting of his final presents. Kt did a fantastic job wrapping ��� check out Lulu! Anyway as you can see the gifts were a hit. This is the actual reaction shot of Jeremy once he got under the wrapping. He was very spoiled and got the Optimus Prime voice changing mask and classic talking Optimus. Every morning I am woken by phrases like ���All we need is a little Energon ��� and a lot of luck!���. He keeps it by the TV and presses it every time he walks by. The mask is so cool. I actually have video of Jeremy using it. I���ll post it later. It���s pretty wild. You haven't lived until you've seen and heard Jeremy as Optimus saying 'I no wanna..'.

While we were at the farm we were being rowdy and rambunctious, as usual, everyone talking over each other ��� a typical afternoon of fun. At some point I noticed some movement in the yard ��� there were two baby deer! It was amazing. Jeremy was out flying a kite but we signaled him and he just sat down where he was, everyone just stopped, and watched them. It was sudden utter stillness while we watched these two little deer wander the yard and nibble things. It was a beautiful moment really.

Until one deer mounted the other and started humping away. It was still pretty serene, even then.

Ah, nature.

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