Wednesday, August 8, 2007

run winnie run

Well we���ve had strange animals running loose in my old neighbourhood before (wild boars, panthers, peacocks), but never a huge bear. My mum called me this morning to let me know of the newest animal to
escape its fetters and roam the countryside. First thing I asked was if the dog was in. Last thing I want is for Edgrr to become some bear's breakfast. He's more of a sausage dog, for lunch.

Anyway it���s all very exciting; my mum says that the helicopters were flying very low over the house and wooded area surrounding us. Hopefully
Zooz gets their bear back; I���ve been promising Jeremy I���d take him there for ever, and I wouldn���t want them to be a bear short when I finally do. Bears are Jeremy���s favourite. In fact when I woke him up to tell him about the bear this morning he didn���t get mad at me for waking him (shocking) and then jumped out of bed and starting jumping up and down saying he wanted to go to the farm. He probably had hopes of befriending it and bringing it back to the city with us. Ah well. A boy can dream.

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