Wednesday, August 1, 2007

beeper flashbacks

The other night I got up to pee in the middle of the night. Apparently this is such a rare occurrence and I leapt from the bed with such alacrity that Jeremy assumed I wet the bed. He even reached over the feel the mattress. Honestly!?! Have I ever wet the bed? Well, since you’ve known me. I mean sure, I had some childhood issues but…who didn’t? Take the post title for example. When I was little I kept wetting the bed (I was dreaming that I was in the bathroom so I just let it go man), so the doctors hooked me up to a beeper. Essentially it just made a loud noise if it detected wetness, thereby waking me up so I could get to the toilet. It didn't work. To this day I get the urge to pee whenever I hear loud beeping noises. Maybe that's why I run the the bathroom every morning after the alarm goes off. Who knows? The point is, I did not wet the bed the other night. And really isn't that all that that matters?

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