Friday, July 27, 2007

dream a little dream

I’ve been worried lately. I’ve been having mundane dreams. Like dreaming that the coffee machine broke at work or I was making toast.


I normally have these fantastical epic dreams. I had a horrible feeling that the monotony of 9-5 office work had finally reached my subconscious and penetrated it with thoughts of bills and social obligations. I was horrified.

Thankfully last night I was shown that my core is still as odd as ever, I suppose these things never change, if you don’t let them. I never will.

I was at a house party and this shady looking pair, a man and a woman, were arguing over who I was. I ignored them; I was waiting for Jeremy to meet me. At one point they were like ‘it’s her, grab her!’. They pinned me up against the wall; I wasn’t alarmed I was just like ‘huh?’. They asked me if my name was Oaxhitzal or something strange and without thinking I corrected them: “Quetzalcoatl?” I said. The man looked at the woman in triumph and she rolled her eyes. From that point on the man wouldn’t let me out of his sight. I was bound in chains and dragged across the countryside – many misadventures ensued. Apparently I was the reincarnation of this deity and would lead him to a great treasure/power. I never did find out what it was. Jeremy showed up at some point (looking very buff and clean cut); he had a vicious looking gun rifle thing and was trying to rescue me. Unfortunately the guy was too powerful so an all out attack wouldn’t work. So he followed behind, waiting for a moment to break me free and leaving little signs so I would know he was there. At one point we managed a passionate kiss but that attempt was foiled too.

I’m not sure what happens next because I was awoken by the heavy breathing of Optimus Prime yet again. Unfortunately that hasn’t gotten old yet. At least for Jeremy.

I told him about the dream and now he thinks he’s a big hero. I pointed out that he never did rescue me. Still though, it was pretty heroic. I was a badass captive though; I kept attacking the dude (who kinda looked like a strung out drummer) whenever I got the chance and tricking him. It always got me a beating but hey, it’s a prisoner’s duty to try to escape. That’s what they say in all the ransom situations in the romance novels I read anyway.

Oh and before you all think I’m such Aztec god reborn I read about
Quetzalcoatl in a romance novel once, so that’s where that came from. It was years ago though. Strange.

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