Tuesday, September 4, 2007

casualties of war

I want a new bed. I have for awhile now. The bed Jeremy and I share is lovely, but far too small for the two of us, and it creaks something fierce. Time for something new. Jeremy has been against this for many reasons, the top ranking being money and sentimental value. Now the bed knows I want it gone, there can be no doubt, but it���s started fighting back!

There are posts at each corner with a large wooden ball on the top. Very decorative. On Saturday I was heading into my closet and brushed against one of these and it fell off and landed on my big toe. ���Ouch��� you may be thinking. Well you���re right, but that���s not the half of it. The underside of these monstrous orbs is covered in rusty nails. Can you see where this is going? Two words ��� tetanus shot. No seriously. The nail went through my toenail and actually came out through the underside of my toe. It was quite horrifying. Luckily Jeremy was there to bandage me up and I still had some Tylenol 3���s lying around from my surgery last year so I weathered the storm relatively well. Today is another matter as I actually have to wear shoes again. Ah well. As long as I don���t think about the shattered remains of my toenail it���s not too bad���shudder.

You can see through this dramatic reenactment how it all went down.

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Anonymous said...

That is one mean looking bed. Vicious really. Bastard!