Tuesday, September 18, 2007

furnace to the extreme

Now awhile ago Jeremy and I went o see a friend perform. We were pretty blown away. By a few things. We walked in to this all ages funfest and were greeted by Kevin – with newly dyed black hair, and an all black ensemble that was topped off with leather pants. Wow. When we were walking up the stairs behind him I was mesmerized by the cheekal movements and squinchy leather sounds. He go totally into character, preening and making flamboyant gestures….well I guess that wasn’t a hard character to get into.

Now the sound and picture quality aren’t great as I forgot my camera and had to use my phone to capture this magnificent day:

It was sooo cute. We were two of like 6 people in the drinking age section. We were standing next to parents of the band also taking video and waving at the stage. Our ‘kid’ was the only one of legal age though. But he was just precious.

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