Tuesday, October 23, 2007

whisky/bodily fluids?

Did anyone else see this ad in the subway? I saw it at St. Clair but it must be elsewhere. It���s an ad for Gibson���s Whiskey and it says:


Um, is anyone else disturbed by this? Upon reflection I realize they are probably trying to say that drinking this whiskey is like having an orgasm but their unfortunate use of the word warm in this context makes me think they are saying that drinking a glass of this is like drinking a glass of semen.

Ya heard me.

They say finish and warm after a foreplay leader. Might as well say salty or jizzy. Honestly. Warm was a poor choice. Granted I realize this may be some whiskey term so I���ll recant if someone enlightens me. As of this moment I stand by my critique. Poor wording chaps, poor wording. Some (and by some I mean Jeremy) may argue that my mind is in the gutter but I can���t be the only one. I wish I could find a picture of the ad but no luck so far. I���m sure you would all agree with me should you see it. Shameless. And quite frankly gross.

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