Wednesday, March 12, 2008

happy anniversary to me!

Jeremy, my ever-lovin’ boyfriend/common-law spouse, wished me a happy anniversary this morning but I wouldn’t tell me what for. He gave me a clue – it’s my second.


Well I’ve worked here longer than that; we’ve been together waaaay longer than that….and my cancer came out on April 26th…

BUT this put me on the right track…I have been a:

happy non-smoker for
731d 10h 21m 0s
12427 cigs not smoked
$4473.72 saved

Yay! 2 years smoke free. Yes I still dream about it occasionally but they are usually nightmares. Sometimes I forget I ever smoked. That’s a lot of money I have theoretically ‘saved’. Heh.

Mostly I like not scheduling my life around it, getting places early so I have time to have a smoke before. Not going to bars that don’t have patios. It’s a very lovely sort of freedom. And less anxiety. Seriously.

Anyhoo if you do smoke and want to quit, read
Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking.. For those of you who don’t – that’s nice. And for those that do and have no intention to quit, that’s cool.

Just don’t blow smoke in my face or walk in front of me with one. Or I shall glare at you with the fury of a thousand suns!!!! And you’ll be all ouch.

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