Thursday, May 15, 2008

strange dream again last night

I was slow dancing with Robert Downey Jr in my parents kitchen. It was devastatginly romantic. The back story is that we had been friends forever, since we were kids even, and I had just gotten my heart broken by someone. He told me all men were jerks and didn’t deserve me (sigh, delicious) and he jokingly suggested we become
FWB. I laughed, and we continued dancing, though there wasn’t actually any music. There was a moment of silence before I said ‘Huh’. That might be just what I need I said. He did a double take and said he was joking, but I went on to say why it was a good idea.

The dream (unfortunately) didn’t continue but the ending I knew was coming was that after a passionate affair he fell madly in love with me and did wildly romantic things to convince me to settle down, which I eventually did.

Nice dream. Funnily enough Robert Downey Jr isn’t on my celebrity hit list. I mean sure he’s a good looking guy and a fantastic actor but he’s never featured in any tender or lusty thoughts of mine. Christian Bale, Vincent Cassel, Dennis Quaid….the list goes on (and on). But he’s never graced it. Well until now that is. Hey it was a good dream. Bizarre though. Don’t ask me what it means, and anyone who says I read too many romance novels shall meet me at dawn good sir!

Glove slap!

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