Thursday, May 15, 2008

happy anniversary hnt!

Many moons ago I participated weekly in the phenomenon of Half Nekkid Thursday – and it was glorious. My boobs, though regulary featured, have never enjoyed the spotlight as much as those days. Ah, memories. Just search hnt on my blog and you'll see what I mean. Fun.

Unfortunately time and well effort, were against me and I faded off the HNT scene….Os (our fearless leader) said that the HNTers came in waves, which I suppose is natural with this sort of thing. As acknowledgement and tribute to the early days when we were just getting started Os has done a wonderful Anniversary page that celebrates 3 years of nekkidness.

Check it out
in all it’s mighty fleshiness. I will warn you that there is some full out nudies in some of the click throughs.

It’s really cool seeing everyone again, it was a great time in my bloglife. Some really amazing, funny and naughty people out there.

Mwah. You totally rock.

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