Tuesday, May 13, 2008

feeling the love

Must be some friendly thoughts or angels flocking my way because I feel good today. Well I just had a wave of love, not from me but like somebody sent it my way. Thanks, whoever you are (it might even be Jesus! Yay!).

I’ve been a bit down, just a general blueness. I can attribute it to a lot of things, and it happens now and again but this was bad enough that I had to bust out The Wedding Singer, my sigh and feel good movie. It is in my opinion the perfect romance. Ah l’amour.

It’s come and gone by now, but like any good thing it brings hope. It’s so easy when you are down to forget what feeling good is like, even if it was only yesterday that you felt that way. And you know logically that you won’t feel this way forever; it’s just so hard to envision yourself any other way. So fickle the heart is…Or perhaps I should say how fickle the mind is. Well that’s a whole other debate the likes of which I will not enter into at this time. There’s only so much philosophy I can take before noon. I haven’t even had a cup of tea yet.

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