Sunday, August 31, 2008

new tat!

I got a new tattoo yesterday! It’s purty. I was worried because it’s been 8 years since I got inked and maybe it hurt more than I remembered. The moment it began I heaved a sigh of relief – just like I remembered.

The tattoo took less than an hour so it was only just starting to get painful at the end. I have another on the 10th that will be much longer so I’m sure I’ll whine more then. Denise came with me and distracted me the whole time. I went to Urban Ink and had Raidel design me a pretty daisy. Fantastic shop, great people. Highly recommended.

I tried taking pictures to show the location of the daisy on my body but it was kind of difficult. Jeremy kept making faces and well…they didn’t turn out so great. The last one made me laugh so hard that I just had to share it, even though it makes me look like a goober.
More than usual I mean. Heh.

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