Sunday, August 24, 2008

fan ex day two

Day two was also awesome. There were many more amazing costumes, such as this Mario on Yoshi. So cool!

Lindsay impressed all the boys with her cockmaster shirt (very obscure reference, I’m going to see if anyone knows where that is from); my favourite part is the look of innocence and mild distaste that crossed her face when I made her pose with the severed penis in a jar from The Butcher Shop, masters of fake body parts and gruesomeness all around. Classic.

I did swing by and pick up the robot eating a watermelon by
Alana McCarthy. Le sigh, robots = happiness in my soul.

Speaking of happiness in my soul, I met BOBA FETT! That’s right, here we are becoming fast friends. He was one of the nicest celebs I’ve met at these conventions, also he was very cuddly. I had another celeb moment when we were taking the escalator down to the convention and I noticed a guy in a really nice suit going up on the escalator right beside us. It took me a moment to register his face but it was Wes Craven! I could have reached out and touched him but I have proper escalator respect.

I heart fan ex.

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Anonymous said...

cockmaster is from the southpark movie!