Saturday, August 23, 2008

fan ex

Jer and I are spending this weekend with Craig and Lindsay at Fan Expo reveling in our inner (…oh who’s kidding who - outer) geek.

Fan Ex takes place at the metro Toronto convention centre, where the graphic exit signs ensure we can all escape safely in the event that flames actually start to chase you. This set our minds at ease.

Day one was filled with many many purchases. I finally picked up Vincent Valentine for my toy collection (I’m a girl I don’t have to say action figure). I got a few t shirts – Yoshi and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a book of art by my favourite sexy girl drawer – Simon Bisley. You all remember my
dream girl I’m sure?

In fact one of my favourite things about Fan Ex so far is all the independent artists I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. I got some great prints by Wendy Ding and it’s always cool to sit and chat with the artist about the work you are buying. There are some more I might pick up today, most notably an adorable robot eating a slice of watermelon.

Craig is as always a good sport and let me take lots of pictures of him in various costumes and things. Here is scary and cuddly Craig, respectively.

The best celeb sighting so far has been Brent Spiner. It’s a dark and grainy picture but we didn’t want to get too close and anger the people who had been waiting in line for ages. We were about 30 feet away. Watching him talk and interact with fans I totally am reminded of my dad. Similar profile and mannerisms. Cool!

So today is another day. We’re hitting up some panels, most notably a PVP seminar for World of Warcraft (yesterday we actually all logged on the convention because we are so cool) and the masquerade. If we can fit it in we’ll stop by and hear Wes Craven talk and see a preview of the 30 days of night prequel. I’m very excited about the masquerade, if the costumes we’ve seen so far are any indication, and I think they are, we are in for a sweet show. This Silent Hill group blew us away. The costumes and gestures were perfect. Chilling.

Hopefully I have more fun things to share after today, I can almost guarantee more Craig pictures, and I’m pretty sure I mentioned they would end up on the internet. I’m sure it’s expected at this point.

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