Friday, August 22, 2008

prose before hoes

How can I keep going to this place? Am I really such a beast? So ruled by hormones and chemicals? Such a fine machine, the human body. An impulse, a spark and the system reels. How can you recover from it. There is no starting over, try again. Sorry better luck next time. How about a rematch? I’ll choose my weapons more wisely this time. Promise. Promise I will do better. Try harder, be tougher. Tough skin, tough shell. Hard hard hard. No breaking me down. I probably won’t even notice you, buzzing around. So insignificant you will try to bite and I won’t even flinch. In the meantime, the wind from your tiny wings is ripping my skin. Too delicate for words. The weakest. Just a small imbalance and then chaos. So poorly designed. Whose idea was this anyway.

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