Monday, January 19, 2009

tubular (i had to say it)

I‘ve been asked to do another product review, and who am I to turn down free samples. When I heard what the item was I was so excited as I’ve been dying to try this:

L’Oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara

How can anything in a tube be bad? Tubes are fun and enjoyable for the whole family and I have it on good authority that Linda Evangelista personally requested my input. And by ‘good authority’ I mean my own head…but I digress.

When I first got my glam pack with samples I was all a flutter, in such a way that only cosmetics and purses can do to me. There was a little case, smokey eyeshadow quartet and liquid liner. The beauty tubes seemed so neat I had to try it.

I have my biases when it comes to cosmetics. For example Maybelline Lip products all smell like Nair so I steer clear of them and L’Oreal lip stuff I will buy sight unseen because they smell and taste so delicious. I usually go to covergirl or Clinique for mascara but this seemed like a perfect opportunity to try something new.

So I slap on the top coat go about my other makeup business, then slap on the colour. Goes on nice (with the exception of the first time I put it on when I had cereal in between coats and it dried too much and was weird. Stick with the 30 seconds between base and top coat that they recommend on the packaging). It didn’t blow me away at first, seemed nice, above average but not jaw droppingly fantastic. That day I went to get my hair done and as my hair was getting washed the stylist leaned down and said “Wow do you ever have long lashes!”


No one has ever said that to me before, at first I accused her of being a L’Oreal plant but her confused laughter convinced me she was indeed giving a genuine compliment. Score one for beauty tubes, unsolicited compliments are a huge indicator. I went home, checked my face for crumbles and smudges (my biggest problem with eye makeup) and there were NONE! By now I was well on the road to being seriously impressed. The best part came when I went to remove my mascara. Now I use a facecloth and water to remove my eye makeup, nothing else. Usually there are huge black smears on my white facecloth and chunks of mascara at the root of my lashes, such is life. When I looked at the facecloth my jaw did indeed drop – there were tons of tiny ‘strings’ of mascara…or dare I say TUBES?!?!?! I’m serious.

No they didn't glide off my lash in a gentle splash of water as they appear to be doing in this picture. However I’ve never had mascara come off like this. There was a little on my lashes and I pulled it off like a gummy worm. My lashes were completely clean afterward. Wild. Yes it took a little more time than my regular mascara and if I’m heading out for an afternoon on the weekend I may just throw on my simple one coat mascara. But the rest of the time (if I’m going to be out for the evening or at work all day) I will be using this.

So I officially give my thumbs up to L’Oreal Beauty Tubes. Don’t be scared by the two step process it is still a quick thing to do - I am above all else a lazy, lazy girl.

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