Sunday, January 11, 2009

those with heart conditions should view the following images at their own risk

I like birds. Little flighty feather fluffs that flit about and roll around in the dirt. Love em. I’ve taken my particular obsession with goldfinches perching on thistle to the next level by tattooing custom artwork on my body, so I can see them anytime I want – even if abducted by aliens and left nude in some sort of biologically constructed prison cell.

But I digress.

Today I made an incredible discovery – the Kinglet. Where on earth has this tiny birdball been all my life?!??

When I first saw it my eyes sort of glazed over and I gasped for air. The adorable quickly overwhelmed me and I slipped into some sort of cute coma. When I regained consciousness my hand was next to my computer screen making pinching gestures towards a delicious Kinglet-belly. As my mind slowly refocused I became aware of a high pitched ‘squeeing’ noise. Turns out it was me.

I think I’ll be okay, I’ve managed to get my heart rate back to normal and my leg has stopped twitching. I’ve made one of these my desktop background to avoid withdrawal symptoms. I periodically minimize my browser so I can see it; I just feel better knowing it’s there.

So there it is. The Kinglet. My life will never be the same. There is a creature in this world that is indeed 99% belly and manages flight.

My mind is totally blown.

I haven’t managed to stop squeeing yet but these things take time.

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