Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yesterday I was heading home with a large box of Easter chocolately goodness my Mummy had sent me.

It wasn’t monstrous but it did completely fill my arms. As I was nearing the entrance to Dundas Station I saw a weirdo handing out something and I thought “Well I don’t even have to pretend I don’t see him, my hands are full so clearly I can’t accept anything”.

He was kind of slurring and of questionable hygiene, handing out little bottles of energy drinks from a cardboard box.

Now there have been lots of product giveaways at Yonge and Dundas, usually accompanied by signage and people wearing matching t-shirts and cheerful dispositions. This was a far cry from that so I was not interested in these mystery ‘energy drinks’.

I move to walk right by and he tries to get my attention so I say ‘Sorry’ and continue down the steps. He doesn’t get out of my way, oh no he is determined that I am going to have this drink. He hovers over me and ends up sticking this little bottle RIGHT IN MY CLEAVAGE!

I gasped.

I said "Um, innapporiate!", set my box down, plucked out the offending bottle and tossed it back at him with a finger wag and a stern NO!

The cheek of him!

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