Sunday, April 12, 2009

rotten hound

Yesterday Tonks was unhappy with me.

We had been playing after her morning walk and I got sleepy and ended the play session to lie on the couch. I pulled a blanket over myself and starting watching TV. She started playing tug of war with the blanket, after a good ten minutes I gave up and let her drag it to the floor, thinking I’d get a toy to distract her. So she pulled it on the ground and proceeded to PEE ON IT. Right in front of me!

Cheeky dog. I was sputtering with indignation, but quite at a loss.

When she starting tugging on my blanket this morning I rushed her outside and waited until she peed. See I’m trainable too.

She did get her first bath (with us) last week and was a super good puppy. Look how shiny!

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