Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We had the pleasure and good fortune to attend a Luminato event the other night. An evening with Neil Gaimen. Jeremy, Rebecca and I all gathered our hopeful books, graphic novels, comics and more, tromped on down to the Jane Mallet theatre and excitedly waited for the man of the hour.

He was as rumpled and charming as I’d hoped, much funnier than we expected, and all in all well worth the time and money spent to attend. We did several readings, which were simply fantastic, the man has an incredible voice I could listen to for hours. I’d love to hear him and Alan Rickman have a conversation. Sigh.

Anyway when it came time for the autograph session we had to choose one item to get signed (we had brought three each, just in case). Jeremy opted for Good Omens, so Terry Pratchett can sign it when he meets him this summer at the Discworld convention. Rebecca chose the dangerous alphabet and I decided to go for something different.


A picture of Neil and his dog (a rescue) Cabal. He seemed a little surprised to see a picture of them (“it’s a picture of me! And my dog!”) but I quickly filled him in on the story of Tonks and told him that she liked to see picture of Cabal on his blog. I showed him a picture of her and he said she was beautiful and asked where we got her. We chatted for a bit and then he asked ‘Can I keep this?’ holding the picture of Tonks.


I nearly split my face grinning. ‘Yeah! It’s for you!’ I said rather eagerly. Then I moved on and watched as Jeremy got his book signed, saying nothing only smiling rather idiotically. Rebecca somehow managed to get Neil to take off his sweater when she got up there and didn’t leave before shoving her hand out to shake his hand. So forceful. Rebecca I mean.

We left, giddy and squealing and reminiscing about our brief yet unforgettable moments with Neil Gaimen. I showed Tonks the picture when I got home. I think she was very excited. She hasn’t tried to eat it so I think it’s clear she appreciates the value.

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