Sunday, November 1, 2009


We spent Halloween with Jeremy's parents. We ate chili on mashed potatoes, drank wine, played Password and watched Abbot and Costello.

For the walk I insisted Tonks wear her Pupperina costume, and I’m glad she did because she got TONS of attention.

First we ran into her best friend Delilah and they had a quick romp. Later we met a dog who the owner told us ‘loved dancers’ and a little chocolate chip cookie who excitedly pointed out the ballerina dog to her parents. It was very cute.

For once I didn’t mind Jeremy walking ahead of me as the sight of him and Tonks walking was especially adorable.

For a costume I pulled together a last minute Mr. Peanut – who is pure evil as we all know.

I carved a delightful jack-o’-lantern in record time. I asked David if it should be funny or scary, he said both so this is what I came up with. I imagine it making the sort of chittering noise that Boo (from Mario) makes. Tonks kept trying to lick its insides, which didn’t surprise anyone.

They only had two rings of the doorbell and I hadn’t handed out treats on Halloween since grade 5 when I hung out with my Grandpa and helped him hand out candy to all the neighbourhood kids (including lots of my classmates, which was odd), but I digress.

I jumped up to hand out candy, and making the appropriate fuss over the kid’s costume, I dipped into the candy bowl and pulled out two fun sized treats for him. When I came back to the festivities it was to find the scorn and shock of the in-laws that I had only given the child two treats. Jeremy was in his element – teasing Clara. He enjoys it so much, and after 5 years I am still just as susceptible and easy to get riled. Sigh. The guilt of being a candy Grinch only lessened after our second doorbell ring. This time it was three teenage girls in only somewhat trampy costumes. I wasn’t going to get up this time, and open myself to more teasing. But when David went to the door he didn’t bring the candy so when I heard the hollered ‘where’s the stuff?’ I ran up with the candy and gave a generous handful to each girl. Of course this time when I returned Jeremy told me I gave away too much candy and the rest of the kids wouldn’t get enough. I ignored him.

When I got home I watched my Halloween present – Trick r Treat. Great movie! Totally creepy and gross but funny too.

All in all a great night. As a bonus I got to take large amounts of leftover candy home – which I am eating for breakfast. Yay Halloween!

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