Saturday, December 5, 2009


On December 13th 2005 I was told I had lump in my neck. I named it Milo. Through a series of hijinx and misadventures I found out it was cancerous, had surgery, had some extra bits taken out by accident and struggled with the results. Now you’re all caught up.


On Wednesday I found out that I have another lump in the same place (right thyroid bed). It’s about 1.9 cm and could be a lymph node or leftover thyroid tissue. Apparently it’s been there since March 2008 but no one bothered to tell me (not impressed); it’s gotten bigger since then so they have now informed me. I say it but I mean Otis. Well really naming my first nodule Milo was maybe not a great idea, since my body probably grew another one just so I could complete the partnership. Ah well.

I have a biopsy and ct scan this month and hopefully I’ll know in January if Otis is a good puppy or bad like Milo. Should be interesting.

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