Sunday, June 27, 2010

dear mr/ms anarchist,

Hello, how are you? I am fine. I have seen you on the news. Please stop breaking my city.

From the graffiti I’ve seen I take it you would like to abolish banks, police and prison. I’m pretty sure if society descended into such a state you would be the first to go. Running wild and destroying things would only draw the attention of some sort of road warrior gang (who have organized themselves into a coherent group) and you would be robbed, beaten and possibly violated.

Now Mr/Ms Anarchist, I understand that you feel neglected and mistreated by the system. Here are five helpful tips to gain perspective on life in Canada:
  1. Go to Iran or Singapore and protest something.
  2. Get arrested in China and ask the prison guards for a sweatshirt or socks because you are chilly.
  3. Go to Saudi Arabia and complain to a gay guy (if you can find one) about your civil liberties.
  4. Take some homeless people from Toronto down to Mexico and ask people for change. Don’t forget to take the guy who lives in a bachelor apartment in my building and panhandles. And that street kid listening to her ipod who swore at me when I wouldn’t give her any money.
  5. Watch the news.
With just a few simple steps you too can go from this:

To this: