Thursday, June 10, 2010

adventures in clarasitting
-or- clara go boom

So it’s been awhile since I harmed myself in any significant way. About due I say. 

We’ve had some issues with the local dog hang out, unfriendlies who complained to their landlord and had us banned from some grassy spaces. By us I mean the dog gang, some of whom do live there so if push comes to shove I’m pretty sure it’s not girls’ private school dorm and guests are allowed.  But why go where you’re not wanted we say. At least until it blows over a bit.

So we head on over to the high school with the loverly large soccer field that is occasionally left open so we can let the dogs run off leash. There was a large group of us tonight, including a new dog - a 4 month of Great Dane! Adorbs. So we were determined. There is a place in the fence with a gap big enough to slip under. So naturally we decided to scootch under.

I imagine I was quite graceful while shimmying under the gate; hopefully I didn’t flash any body parts that are not normally out and about.  Tonks had already gone in and was attempting to catch seagulls and playing with the other pups. About 2 minutes later I see her at the far side of the field pooping, so I start running over while I still know the general location of it. Halfway there (running along a concrete strip rather than the grass, so I can get better traction I think, not slip on damp grass), I feel a wriggling mass of fur and excitement launch itself at my legs. I frantically tried to stay upright but the canine catastrophe won and down I went.


Owie owie owie. After some virulent cursing I addressed the damage – a skinned and bloody knee, a skinned and less bloody elbow (I think my horrifically dry elbow skin protected me) and a CHUNK of big toe.

Big toe you say?

My that sounds familiar you say. 

Well it is.  Remember this? Three years later and I still don’t have a new bed.

That wasn’t the first thing that attacked me. I’ve also been assaulted by an Ikea frame and a bath mat. In tonight’s misadventure it was not a supposedly inanimate object that attacked me, but an adorable puppy. So while the reenactment is necessary you can clearly see there was no malicious intent.

Anyway after the cursing I borrowed a phone to call Jeremy (I called myself first, the pain must have made me delirious) and asked him to come and fix me up. He was unimpressed with my foray into trespassing, but he came bearing band-aids and polysporin.

And lectures. 

Which are still going on right now. I should always have band-aids and my phone with me.


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gabe(soccerfan:) said...

This are some really good comic strip pictures i wish i could learn to do that in my blog (Gabespacer)....anyway..your blog is nice. Look thru mines and comment on them..i would like for u to be one of my followers!!!