Monday, July 26, 2004

mashed potatoes......what else.

On Sunday Jer managed to drag me out of my apartment to go for dinner. We went to The Artful Dodger. He got a philly melt and I got fish and chips but with mashed potatoes instead of fries. I asked for extra mashed potatoes, no matter the cost, and extra tartar sauce. The waitress said I ate like her, I was pleased. When they brought me my food there was a mountainous pile of potatoes smothered in gravy. I was in love. She said if I managed to eat all that I'd get a prize. Jer looked at her like she'd just said the most hilarious thing he'd ever heard and replied 'oh that's nothing'. I easily ate them all and when the bill came they hadn't charged me for the extra potatoes. I guess that was my prize. Check out my review, I'm the only one who left one so far, how exciting, tho in my fervor I misspelled potatoes. How embarrassing. Anyhoo, I'll definitely be going back for more.

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