Tuesday, July 27, 2004


This morning I had to be to work for 7.30 to set up for some meeting. It wasn't like last time tho, they are getting everything fully catered. All I had to do was the morning stuff: breakfast tray, fruit tray, coffee and whatnot. I set everything out and was very proud of myself. Then I went to stuff the rest of the days food into our fridge. I almost cried. There are several huge platters of food and cases of pop.......And everyone leaves their crap in the fridge here so I had some major organizing to do. I pulled out two shelves piled things dangerously high but somehow managed. I worked up quite a sweat let me tell you. When I came back to my desk a woman came out of the meeting and said she had a problem. My first thought is 'whatever! I had a list! I double checked everything!!' but of course I smiled brightly and said 'I'm sorry, what can I do for you?' turns out she was right. No one thought to put plates on the list, guess they thought it was common sense. heh. I looked over and all these suits are using their coffee saucers to eat. It was funny enough to stop me from feeling like a wiener.

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