Thursday, May 26, 2005

BAD AMERICA, go sit in the corner

So SO disappointed in America this morning. For shame. Rather than rant about it however I’ll just quote an expert on American Idol - a small victory.

“I'm a little disappointed, but not shocked. I think it was determined a long time ago that Carrie would win. You may be one of those people who believes in the integrity and honesty of the entertainment industry, but I gave up that ghost before I even stopped believing in the tooth fairy.”

“My predictions for some of the contestants: Carrie will be singing at state fairs within two years. Bo and Constantine will have a reality show on VH1. Vonzelle will prove to be the sleeper of the pack, and will become a star. Nadia will appear in Playboy in the near future and make a couple of B horror movies. Mikalah will get her own talk show, but no one will notice, much like Tony Danza's show. Scott will settle into a double-wide with a fan who sent him a pair of worn panties. Anwar will never be heard from again, which I think is just what he wants. Anthony will record a song with Clay Aiken and John Stevens and they'll have to wear name tags so people can tell them apart. Jessica and Lindsey will star as a tandem in Backdoor Sluts, Volume 10.

My semi-drunken live blog of the show can be found

Update: I should add that the absolute hightlight of the show was the Dirk and Hasselhoff moment”

200105b.gif via a small victory

Oh it was. It truly was.

Please PLEASE check out the semi-drunken live posting during the show, it’s hilarious and quite apt.

Now, on to real life. This morning while walking to work, I heard a whistle as someone walked by me. I thought ‘wow, I can’t remember the last time someone whistled at me, if in fact that was for me’ and kept walking. Then I hear ‘CLARA!’. Turns out it was GEORGE(!), walking home from work. So after hugs and chats we discovered that each of us, everyday, walks down/up Yonge street at that time. I can’t believe we haven’t run into each other before this. Sure it’s a big city but there are people who I don’t know who I see everyday at the same time, as we pass on the street. 'Girl who has the same hair as me' and '12 year old kid with Asian nanny' I see while passing the College Park Shops, for example (wow I can just imagine the google hits I’ll be getting with that last sentence). Anyway I think I’ve made my point. I think. So even tho it’s kind of sad that I thought a got a real whistle, and was flattered for that moment – I’d like to thank George for doing the whistling. I think deep down, you probably do want me. Don’t we all.

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