Friday, May 27, 2005

spontaneous drunk

Ever heard the term falling down drunk? Probably. Ever seen someone falling down drunk? Maybe. Ever been falling down drunk? Admit it you have. well last night I was. Wowee. I didn’t drink a lot, 3 glasses of wine over 3 hours (BIG glasses tho) but for whatever reason (been dieting) I got plastered. It resulted in me spending WAY to much money for my sister’s birthday gift, and considering that I still have a shower gift AND wedding gift to get, totally overboard of me. I now have $80 to my name. I hate being broke. Ah well I do have a history of going overboard. My sisters used to tell me I had a problem with ‘crossing the line’. THERE’S A LINE!? I’ve never seen it. Anyway last night after a round of Mario party that I don’t even know how I played, let alone won, I fell right on my face while closing the place up for the night. Now I didn’t just fall out of nowhere, it was a combo of drunk and cluttered apartment. I was trying to jump the hurtle of some DVDs (we have an obsession) and I woefully misjudged the height of the stack, resulting in a forward dive. This morning I groggily came to and muttered aloud ‘why does my nose hurt?’ and I hear Jer respond ‘you were totally hammered and fell on your face’, to which I respond ‘when did you get here?’. Ah ha ha ha. Ok I’ve taken a bit of creative license here to make it funnier but that’s basically what happened. I have bluer than usual under eye circles and a slightly swollen nose today. It hurts when I sneeze. Awesome. Oh and did I mention that tonight is my sister’s bridal shower and I’ll be seeing all the family I haven’t seen in months. Won’t they be impressed. Well you know what – DONT CARE. I’m 24 years old, supporting myself with minimal responsibilities in life – if now is not the time to get falling down drunk, I don’t know when it is. Thank you ladies and gentleman, have a great weekend.


Jeremy and my heights marked on my door. He wanted to find out exactly how tall he was and I busted out the tape measure but he ran to the door excitedly and told me to mark it down. How can I resist that puppy?

While getting my sister’s gift I stumbled upon dream girl featured on the cover of Heavy Metal. Sigh, if you were real you’d be mine.

And last but certainly not least, is Jeremy being devastatingly handsome, and all with only one eye showing. Smoldering isn't he?

new pic and poem (well old actually but you've never seen them) at grinchala

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