Tuesday, May 31, 2005


That’s right poodles, last night our very own Natalie took home the title of Miss Universe®. Yay for her and yay for Canada. I don’t get the channel the pageant was aired on but Maria called me and started shouting that Natalie had won. Naturally I say ‘are you serious’ and she matter of factly says ‘oh course why else would I call you at 11 at night?’. Ah, Maria. Anyway I did get a chance to see a brief clip of the winning moment from Global News Morning, where I saw Denis and Miguel freak out and wave the Canadian flag quite ecstatically. The one and only time we’ve won was in 1982 and I’m so proud of Natalie, though I knew she’d do well. I’m hoping this means there will be more excitement in the office, maybe some interviews filmed here or something. I’ll let you know if there is and then you can watch and you’ll see this mop-headed receptionist saunter slowly by in the background, several times under the pretext that I forgot something at the copier or something. That’ll be me.

update* ok what i said before about trying to get on Tv for any interviews was a total lie. CityTV just came by to ask US what we thought of Natalie winning and i ran away and took my lunch until they were gone. i'm a scaredy cat.

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