Thursday, August 18, 2005

Half-Nekkid Thursday (it's about time)

Well I’ve wanted to do it forever but now I’ve finally gotten around to it – I’m joining Half-Nekkid Thursday. I first learned about HNT from Aughra but have since found that it’s sweeping the nation, or nations, as it were. I keep seeing it everywhere and well why not join the party? Especially a half-nekkid one.

If you want to get down with the rest of us, check out the guidelines

Today’s pic is Jeremy with his shirt open. It’s an older pic I’ve been waiting for an excuse to post. If you’re wondering why he looks so sad, it’s because we were watching a special on these two older dogs that were going to be put down but then this woman adopted them both and it was wonderful and heartrending. You’ve probably seen it. Anyway Jeremy was very distraught by their plight. He’s delicate you know. why just last night he went to Canada’s Wonderland and was still shaking when he got home. He is NOT one for scary rides. His buddy Kevin actually called me before they left the park to tell me what a ‘wuss’ my boyfriend was. Poor thing, we say delicate here.

If you’re (understandably) upset that my first HNT does not feature myself, you obviously need to check out my previous post and say hello to the girls.

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