Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Hi puppies. Sorry I’ve been away but my computer died. It’s been given life extending surgery but will be put down in a month or so anyway so who cares. Anyway you’ve missed little but I’ll fill you in.

Sunday din was more of an event than usual, for Denise brought home a band. Yep. They were such a hoot at the studio that she decided to spread the joy. It was more of a performance than a conversation tho, but one I was happy to watch. A cruder, more clever bunch you won’t find. And they sing too!! Check out
the crawling kingsnakes. Don’t miss the photos either, whoever took those must be a GENIUS! To get in with the festive spirit I wore one of my new camisole tops. Jeremy called me a trollop and brought a shawl to cover me up with. This is the man who never thinks anything is too low or revealing and should I get whistled at or hit on he preens like he had something to do with it. There was some talk it may have had to do with the fact that many young and attractive boys would be at din but he needn’t have worried, no one paid any attention to Betty and Veronica. Poor dears. Well I did. They can be very distracting.

Anyway it was definitely fun and suffice to say Balderdash will never be the same. Crude and Clever remember? I think I heard sperm, scrotum and rectum more in that night than I have in my entire life. And that’s saying a lot.

Ooh I also have to introduce you all to some new additions to my toy collection – Canary Yellow & Spark and French Kitty. I love them. Although if French Kitty is looking directly at me I find it unnerving. She’s darling but a bit eerie.

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