Wednesday, August 24, 2005

nut buster

Ever wondered what you’d be called if you were a prison bitch? Well wonder no more.

I’m Nut Buster.


Makes me think of a giant badass squirrel. I know that’s not how they meant it but for once my mind is out of the gutter. Squirrels ARE creepy you know. I’ve always had a thing about them. I was attacked while in Florida’s
Bok Tower Gardens. No seriously. Sure I scoffed when the pamphlet said to ‘beware the squirrels’. Sure I thought it was cute when they started following us through the hedge maze. Sure I was amazed when they came and sat right next to me on the bench….but then…..

I can’t go on.

Let’s just say that day opened my eyes. And wounds that may never really heal. Sniff.

pic from

The above account is an entirely true story. You can even ask me mum.

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