Tuesday, August 23, 2005

scourge of mice

Last night we (and be we I mean I forced Jeremy to) stuffed up all the little holes under the sink with steel wool and laid out some glue traps. Now when I first heard of these I thought they were like sticky paper. No. It’s a basin of goopy glue. Anyway after being paranoid and muting the TV every 2 minutes because we thought we heard a mouse screaming in agony, we kind of forgot about it and got din. Well I had forgotten about it. One of the glue traps Jeremy just set on the counter and said he had plans for, but wouldn’t divulge anything further. Whatever. We got a pizza, it was delicious (I love you Pizzaville). Afterwards Jer took the pizza box and put it on the stove (crusts still inside. Then he taped shut one of the holes at the back and widened the other one. THEN the glue pit was placed below the only entrance to the tempting pizza crusts. And off he went to bed. I think it was just about 5 minutes later that I came crashing into the room announcing that we had a winner. Or loser I guess.

Man. I was not prepared for the cruelty of the glue trap. Its little face was stuck and it started squeaking pretty loudly. I was horrified. I was however very proud of Jeremy for handling the situation, you know he can be very manly if the situation warrants.

In conclusion we are hoping that the steel wool will work and that little sucker just happened to be in the apartment. We put another glue sinkhole by the pizza box after that and there was nothing this morning. Fingers crossed everyone.

(thanks binsk for the magazine cover link!)

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