Monday, August 22, 2005

wandering refugees

On Sunday morning Jeremy and I awoke to no power and no water. We’d woken in the night and discovered that the power was out but I thought for sure it’s be on by the morning. No such luck. By 9am it was unbearably hot in my apartment and almost as unbearably boring. So we headed out into the city seeking sustenance and relief. We wandered about for hours; going to Canadian tire, Gabby’s for the big breakfast, a movie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – so good), and revisiting childhood haunts (of Jeremy’s). Eventually we headed to his parent’s to rest our feet and relax. Jeremy went all MacGyver and rigged up a makeshift frankincense burner (below). I was so proud. I did take some pics along my journey, mostly of the patio where I sit and smoke at the in-laws but hey, I was tired.

Check out the rest of the pics at Seriously do it, they’re cool. I did things like super saturated colour and ultra contrast. Wicked.

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