Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Have you every deep fired a turkey? YOU SHOULD. It’s delicious. Ok I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. On Saturday we had the big family get together with aunts ,uncles, kids galore and Jeremy’s family finally made it down to mingle with my extended fam. We had a chili cookout in the forested acreage surrounding my parents house. It was great. Jer, my dad and my brother in law had gone out earlier and built some crazy swing ropes from the trees, log benches to sit on and other assorted funneries. We even put floating candles in the swampy puddles surrounding the site. Denise took the most beautiful picture of it.

The next night my mother pulled ANOTHER dinner out of her hat. Mashed/baked potatoes, stuffing and DEEP FRIED TURKEY! You heard me. My dad rigged up a huge pot outside over a propane burner. When the vat of oil was heated enough we threw in the turkey and let her cook. It was hilarious to watch, Jeremy was literally dancing with glee. The turkey was halfway in when my dad realized two things. One - he should’ve worn gloves, two – there was way too much oil in there. Ah, good times.

It was great being home, I forget how funny my family is. Although I probably wouldn’t appreciate it this much if I still lived there. Absence makes the heart do stuff and all that.

p.s I did dig out some old pictures of me from various ages and styles I will share with you over the next few weeks. You lucky lucky things.

Family can check out nigh.ca and see the new album…

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