Friday, October 7, 2005

you may be able to see my underwear

I’m kinda hoping it stays overcast all day today. I wore my bridesmaid dress to work (how many of you can say THAT) and I seem to recall needing a slip at the wedding, but I just threw it on this morn. It looks great with a blazer. Anyway while walking to work I kept picturing people behind me gasping in horror as my burgundy undies flaunted themselves. Eventually I just said ‘fuck it’ and strutted my stuff. If they can see, they can see. Meh. Hey maybe I’ll me an amusing anecdote relayed to family and friends. Hey maybe coworkers too, while taking that long quiet ride in the elevator. People are always trying to break the ice. ‘hey I saw this girl today…’ Of course I could be in the elevator too. Just in the back where you can’t see me. I’ll be the one glaring at you sullenly and trying to cover her crotch.

Oh I’m so excited!!! My first purchases off ebay arrived yesterday!! Eeee! The initial fever has worn off tho, where I’m just thinking of things to search for so I can buy them. I did get a Christmas present already. But I’m worried. If I get things too early I tend to give them to the person ahead of time and then get them something else. I love giving presents. The reward on the apprentice last night, where they gave away all those cool toys to the kids in the hospital, would have thrilled me.

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