Tuesday, November 29, 2005

open house and maria’s assimilation

The weekend found me peddling chocolates once again. This time Jeremy and I donned Santa hats and headed to Niagara Falls for the Christmas open house Nigh’s has every year. It was great, I ate so much chocolate and brought even more back with me. With Harry Connick Jr. playing in the background how could I not have a good time? Even with Jeremy playing mother’s pet to my own mum, trying to get me in trouble for not working. I was taking a break!! Geez.

The farm was like a winter wonderland, check out that snow! Jer was very disgruntled that he did not bring his new snowshoes down. Ah well.

I took Monday off, to recover, and so was able to watch our precious little Maria become Canadian. Jayme put together some wonderful pictures from the event. I’m very glad I went, not just because I supported Maria or got an invite to the Flatiron for later that night, but because I’ve never gone to a citizenship ceremony before and likely will have no cause to in the future. Being Canadian is something I took for granted having been born here. Being in a room full of people so overwhelmed, grateful and emotional on becoming a Canadian citizen really moved me. Really really. I was a great experience. And yes I cried a little. Oh c’mon you can’t be surprised.

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