Monday, December 5, 2005

noble or doormat?

Aerick had an interesting quiz on his blog today. Now I always thought I’d be the magician or the assassin but I’ve come to realize that just isn’t quite right for me. When playing FFX tho I depended on and adored Lulu, I didn’t really want to BE her. Auron was just too badass not to want to emulate. So it’s a little clearer to me now. Who knew I was so noble. Although it seems more likely that it’s more along the lines of Knights of Xentar, where I just have a hard time saying no, so I end up on all these quests for people. Or like in Legend of Zelda – Windwaker.

But at least in Xentar you get laid.


Whats your fantasy class? (Multi-gender with anime pics)
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If you don’t take the quiz you have to at least check out
all the results, the pictures are wicked.

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