Monday, December 5, 2005

Toys r me

Finally had a fun lazy weekend. Saw Harry Potter and yes I cried. What else is new. I quite enjoyed it tho I must say Voldemort was somehow not quite what I expected. I thought he’d be a more commanding presence perhaps. After the movie we went to Toys r Us for Christmas shopping (before we’d gone to Indigo to see if Beck was working. She was but was really busy so we just stared at her for awhile then left). I looooove Toys r Us. The only real Christmas shopping to be done for my side of the family is niece and nephew so Jer and I decided to go to the toy store. I won’t go into specifics, as my niece reads my blog, or at least looks at it, but I can tell you about the toy I bought for myself.
Yes I know, Christmas and you’re buying gifts for yourself?!? Well I’ve drooled over this guy for my toy collection for AGES and when we saw him on the weekend he was on sale. Thirteen bucks!!! How could I not have the King of Aquilonia on his throne in my apartment for such a pittance? How I ask you?!? Ah Conan. From slave to thief to warrior to king. All the while a lover. Ah.

Anyhoo I also got Jeremy and I a big ass kinder egg. Well the Christmas one is more of a ball but he’d never had one so I had to indulge him. Plus they were by the counter and I am the queen of impulse purchases. I think our eggs got mixed up because I ended up with the cool race car that really motors when you pull it back on a hard surface and Jeremy got a cute bowling game with a shark that has a wheel on it’s belly and a bunch of octopus’s to knock down.

What fun!

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