Wednesday, June 14, 2006

by order of the ice queen

Yay! A word game! If you want to play let the the ice queen know and she'll assign you a letter. Then you write about 10 words that start with that letter that are important to you and explain why. I was given the letter f.

Freedom – I picked an angel card on one of my first visits to Guelph, where I would later go to university and meet Jeremy. It said ‘freedom’ was my word to remember for the rest of my life. Funny I picked freeclara for my blogger domain. Hmm.

Free verse – my favourite way to write poetry I have 40 million half filled notebooks of this stuff. Some is gold, some pure teen angst. It makes me cringe and laugh to read it now.

Fish n’ chips – my favourite thing to get in a pub. With a pint. Perfection.

Fairy – I have believed in these since I was little. I think I saw one once behind the barn at my parents farm. Also I live in the village (almost) now and I love the gays. Like Kathy Griffin and Karen Walker love 'em.

For fucksakes – the curse I picked up from my father, most commonly used when having injured yourself. The most vehement one of these I remember is the time he hit himself in the forehead with a crowbar. Oh dadoo.

Flesh Mage – this is as far as I got in Drakkan: The Ancients Gates for PS2. I love my PS2. Flesh Mage….he wore people’s skin. Like that guy in silence of the lambs. I should really finish that game. I can’t really let the Flesh Mage win. All those innocent maidens….

Fiction – I am a reader. It has been the single most constant thing in my life besides my family and breathing. I mostly read fiction – fantasy (hey another f word), sci-fi and romance and if a book has all three I LOVE it.

I am a fan. I love being a fan of things. To quote myself “I lurve them. I want to take every t-shirt, lunch box, plush figure, action figure, wall scroll whatever and roll around naked in them.....ah.....ooohh.....”

Ferengi – because at the very first Toronto Trek I attended with Jeremy (well the first I attended, period) I met Armin Shimmerman (who played Quark on Deep Space 9). It was my first autograph too.

Fraulien – in honour of my German heritage. And German brother in-law and his family. And my niece who is the first of their family to be born in Canada. Guten Tag!

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