Tuesday, June 13, 2006

jeremy is special

With minimal supervision Jeremy managed to make a fruit basket out of a watermelon. Yes I did have to draw on the cut lines but they were dismissed as‘shoddy’and supposedly ignored. Though I doubt he could have managed without them. It was quite a production, with lot’s of sighing and ‘big job lady’ coming from Jeremy. In the end he mastered the melon baler and even felt confident enough to threaten me with it if I didn’t stop taking pictures. C’mon, I was just sitting back, relaxing, having a glass of wine and making a few cracks at your expense. What’s the harm in that? Ah well. In the end I wasn’t the one who ended up with melon on her face. Hayley was an innocent victim of Jeremy’s fruit rage. It wasn’t pretty; those melon balls are more dangerous than they look. Pits, juice, even *gasp* rind! Such things seem innocent but when aimed with deadly accuracy and a demented wit they can ruin lives! Well white sweaters anyway. Where’s a tide to go pen when you need one?

Anyway in the end it was delicious. And decorative. Take that Martha.

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