Wednesday, June 28, 2006

clara is mean

Jeremy’s rotten sister Hayley, as seen here and below, sent me some lovely pictures of Jeremy from a few years ago. More specifically from the time betwixt our two relationships – the one that ended, and the one that hasn’t. Yet. Well I’m not psychic am I? Well not much anyway. Moving on, if you examine the picture you can see the boyish charm that captured my attention in the first place (sans facial hair). You can also see the beginning of the chin covering that you all know and love. Speaking of knowing and loving, this I the face of a manboy who has seen the light that is Clara, and had it cruelly torn away. By me. What a bitch. Luckily everything worked out for the best and I feel this somehow crosses out the slight I dealt many years ago, by calling Jeremy hours before his birthday to end it. As his birthday draws near again I can assure you dear that I didn’t do it last year so you’re probably safe again. I probably wouldn’t do it twice anyway. At least not on your birthday. I feel that everything working out also cancels out the overlap that occurred when Jeremy and I first met, and I was otherwise technically occupied in the relationship sense. Heh. My bad. Well look at that face - damn near irresistible.

Who can blame me? No, don't answer that.

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