Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Vapid Office Girl: Wow I’ve been seeing posters for the pink panther movie forever and now it’s straight to video. It’s funny, they hyped it so much.

Other girl: I’m pretty sure it was in the theatres.

Vapid Office Girl: I don’t think so. And what really bugs me is that they have the pink panther talk in the movie and in the cartoons he didn’t talk. And then they put some guy in front of him on the poster. Really bugs me.

Other girl: Silence.

Vapid Office Girl: Yeah we should tear all these posters down.

Other girl: What?

Okay I just had to submit this to
Overheardintheoffice.com, even though it took place on the subway. They were headed for the office you could tell. I really wanted to turn to the girl and tell her about Inspector Clouseau and the original jewel. Honestly.

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