Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the most tolerant dog in the universe

Astro dog. Well that’s not really his name. This is Edgrr, remember? Well the first time we harassed this dog it was to give him an islands feel, and the dude kept his lei on all night. This time, and I can’t remember exactly how this came about; he was given hoops and became a space dog. All I know is that Jeremy said ‘look he’s a Jetsons dog’ and I turned around to see this pooch all decked out. He wore it around for a while, after we took our pics he just went and curled up in his little bed for a nap. So cute. I did take pity on him and take it off before he went outside. That’s about when Jeremy started trying to put them on ME and I nearly killed him. I know I say that a lot and it’s true, but as his mother says – ‘God made Jeremy funny so no one would kill him’. Amen sister.

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