Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I want bobik

I love German Shepherds. Love love love. My dear departed Pucci was a fine example of German Sheperdness and is probably the reason I love them so much now. He was a big kitten. I miss him. Anyhoo I was perusing the Toronto Humane Society website and found the most adorable German Shepherd/Dalmatian mix. BOBIK! I love him. How sweet is he? I oohed and ahhed over him for a few minutes, emailed him to my mum and mum in-law, lamented living in a tiny non-pet apartment and moved on. I ended up in the ‘animals with special needs’ category. Sob! No really I am near tears. These poor creatures! No they aren’t in horrible shape but you know they will have a poor chance of being adopted. It’s all about the kittens and the puppies. Anyway who did I spy there but my dear Bobik! Poor wee thing suffers from anxiety and is epileptic. Like me! Well I’m twitchy not seizurey but close enough. And he likes veggies just like my Pucci did. Someone for the love of God adopt this precious pup I will give you $50. I mean it. But you have to be worthy. Seriously mum, dad – wouldn’t he be perfect for the farm? I really will give you $50. Here's his page.

A098339 Male (Neutered), 10 years10 years, Dalmatian/Shepherd mix

"I was surrendered to the shelter after 10 years in the same home because they could no longer care for me – I am restless at night and becoming destructive due to anxiety when left alone. These are common issues in dogs as we age and I would like the chance to be in a comfortable home for my retirement years. I certainly don’t mean to cause trouble! I am epileptic but do not currently take any medication. My seizures are clustered – I may have them a few days in a row and then not again for months at a time. A neurologist examined me but found nothing of concern. My previous guardians noted that after my first seizure I became unsettled at night. K9 Services recommends that I be crated at night for my own comfort and yours. I am a very sweet dog, even the specialist said so during my appointment. I am afraid of thunder, but enjoy my veggies as a snack. I should only go home with a very experienced owner, and if that is you please come into the shelter to speak with K9 Services. Remember, older dogs need great homes too!"

Oh Bobik I love you. Sniffle.

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