Monday, July 24, 2006

social whirl

Jeremy and I were busy little debutantes this weekend; we had social engagements on BOTH days! Wowee. As much as we were bemoaning the fact that we had to leave the apartment we had so much fun!

Connie’s bday was up first – a Saturday Summerlicious event. I have never done any of the licious’ before but now I am a believer. I told Jeremy that we have to go at to at least one restaurant every year. He agreed but thought that Saturday’s lunch should count for the ‘nice anniversary dinner’ that we still haven’t gone out for. Nice try buddy. Summerlicious or Winterlicious would be fine but piggybacking it onto someone’s birthday outing is unacceptable. Honestly. Anyhoo it was a blast and even Tony Leung stopped by to grant wishes. Just him being there granted mine… sigh

Sunday brought us to a pig roast – freaking yum. It was my boss’s birthday and we made the treacherous trek out to Mississauga via the Go bus. It was strange territory for my downtown self, and Jeremy always feels so exposed when we go somewhere without tall buildings. Although with the sun and rain battling it out for the skies I got some very pretty cloud pictures for the society Anyway an open bar + a whole roasted pig = good time. We had to leave early though, to catch the bus. We ended up sitting at the terminal for an hour because someone misread the schedule. Well I can’t blame Jeremy entirely, I did have a schedule in my purse – I just didn’t bother to pull it out.


On the way to Union station on Sunday Jeremy took me to see a heretofore undiscovered jewel of our fair city. An elephant statue!! And her babies! Of course we had to climb all over them and take pictures like tourists. Now that I know it’s there I’m going to have to stop by and visit every now and then. Ahh, they’ll miss me.

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